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Advance Technology-Driven Businesses
in Enterprise Markets

Master Inevitable Growth: 
Fast-Paced, Technology Driven, and Deeply Fulfilling

Navigate to the Next Level

On the way to grow a Business-to-Enterprise technology venture, with unique product that solves a tough enterprise problem? Here a deep-seated passion meets precision problem-solving. 
Chaos leads to order - at the next level.  

⚑ Thrill of Bumpy Growth

The path ahead is intense: acquiring clients, expanding the team, evolving models and systems, wisely investing funds to fuel growth, all with limited support. A thrilling yet exhausting ride. Commitment to staff and customers is real. A tough journey to go alone.

🌐 Navigating Uncertainty

Juggling between sales, staffing, systems, and financials lead to decision fatigue and risk of setbacks. Ever-changing enterprise needs, long sales cycle, AI and digital tsunami, and geo-economic turbulence add layers of complexity.  

πŸŒ‰Strategic Partnership to Win Enterprise Markets 

Venturing to grow alone is a high-risk game of time lost and stress gained. Skip the heavy lifting of hiring experts to the team or settling for basic advisory boards. There's a smarter, more strategic way.

🀝Partner with Expert Cross-fit Team to build next level roadmap. Sidestep hefty costs of big consultancies without compromising on result.

Growing profits, skills and talent is tough but can be incredibly rewarding.

🌟 Ready to transform your team and your business? Reach out. Let's  advance together.

Next Level Frontier

    hearts and hands for shared wins,
    discover unique solutions to deep enterprise pains


    scalable value driven businesses and systems,

    remove pain and friction from processes and people experiences,

    build strategic roadmap to win


    solving problems that matter,
    develop people to build epic businesses,  

    attract raving clients and reach the next frontier

  • There are three ways we can work together



    πŸ› οΈ Reveal Potential for Growth 
    Dive deep intowhat you have. Your assets and resources. Reveal bottlenecks and true business potential. 

    πŸ”Check Across Key Functions

    Check the business inside out - people, assets, network, resources, processes, systems, functions, and core capabilities. Find key constraints. Solve problems that matter.

    πŸ’‘ Illuminate the Goal and Roadblocks
    Uncover the must have's, non-negotiables, key drivers for growth. Go beyond gathering data. Shape a shared vision ofwhat is possibleand what is in the way

    πŸ—ΊοΈ Map Awsome Road: A Team Endeavor
    Engage the team to set a goal. A 90-day or 12 month guiding star. Build a practical and inspiring map to reach there. 



    🎯 Make Change Simple: One Goal, One Roadmap
    Select right area of focus - attracting clients, evolving systems, revising business model, or building people. Assess the gap, build a 3 to 12 month plan, and implement together. 


    One Advisory, Cross Functional Expertise

    Our diverse team of experts in marketing, innovation, tech, finance, AI, institutional networks, digital platforms, team leadership, and operational improvement will find those key bottlenecks to get unstuck and move forward.

    🎯 Share Commitment, Align Goals
    Your vision shapes the goal. We tie reward to your success, turning targets into shared wins through a committed collaboration.

    πŸŒ‰ Expand Wisely, Progress Quickly
    Strategically choose aligned people and organizations to co-create your vision together. Focus on the right customers, suppliers, team members, or funders to achieve fast results. 



    🌟 Make Growth Inevitable: One Team
    With an innovative performance-based advisory & delivery model, we are vested in your success. We work with you until you win.

    πŸ” Access Cross-Functional Experts on Demand
    Our expertise spans marketing and sales, innovation, strategy, finance, team development, institutions and regulations, decision-making efficiency, and leadership. Think of us as an extension of your team, delivering integrated cross-functional support.

    🀝 Partner to Advance
    This isn't just a project; it's a partnership. We'll jointly review an expertise fit, ensuring our senior leaders align with and advance your company's vision and goals.

    πŸŒ‰ Build Thriving Ecosystem  

    Achieve a steadily expanding business creating bigger value together with a curated network we help to build. Next level growth comes from a thriving ecosystem.

    Master Growth

  • Align

  • Your leadership and operational team hold key pieces of the puzzle. We'll arrange every piece to fit seamlessly, with precision and purpose.
    Building together ignites clarity, energy, and drive to move forward.

  • Architect

  • Our approach isn't just about guidance; it's about active partnership. We bring time-tested business and people growth frameworks. Augmented with a power of the right technology. 
    Architect reality connecting people, business, and technology.  

  • Advance

  • Together, we uncover your team's insights and apply proven strategies for tangible results, avoiding what is known to fail. When the team leads in discovery, implementation becomes unstoppable.
    Partner to evolve your business to enterprise-grade, and build a thriving ecosystem.

    Navigate Uncertainty

    In the meantime, get a how-to-accelerate-growth guide to get ideas flowing

    * For those who strive for impact and want to explore options

    About the Managing Partner

    Ludmila Pirogova

    Build the people who build the business to make the impact that the leader is striving for

    cross functional expert

    Ludmila Pirogova

    🌐 Strategic Leadership in Growth and Transformation

    We partner with visionary leaders in technology-driven businesses to accelerate growth and achieve real, measurable outcomes.
    Together, we build lean, effective systems for greater value, wider impact, and resilient profit. Focusing on what truly matters: customer problems, team alignment, and leadership development for scalable growth.

    πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŽ“Deep Cross-Functional Expertise in Finance, Business and Tech

    With over 20 years in the fields, my personal journey across business, technology, and finance has been marked by a passion for tackling 'unsolvable' challenges. Specializing in enterprise digital transformation, capital, asset, and program management, I've honed a skillset that's as diverse as it is deep.
    This expertise is instrumental in building and implementing effective strategies that work across industries – from capital and technology infrastructure, energy and cleantech to fintech, edtech and the public sector. I offer a unique blend of business & technology transformation, human design, and strategic financial management. 

    πŸ•’ Now is the Time: Mastering B2E Dynamics

    In today's unpredictable B2B world, adaptability isn't just an advantage β€” it's essential. We're at a juncture where the unexpected is the new normal. Discover the power of a transformational approach, tailored for facing rapid changes. It's about smartly navigating today's challenges while building for the future.

    Yes We Can Talk!

    Meet Principal Advisors

    Dr. Andreea Ciologariu

    🌐 Head of Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Logistics

    For over 20 years Dr Ciologariu worked with organizations in various industries including technology, healthcare, education, trade and not-for profit B2B and B2C creating sustainable business models and generating profits through business opportunities that are customer centric, sustainable and inclusive. For Profit, for Purpose.

    Fluent in English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian and Romanian, worked and lived in Europe and America, and Asia and travelled to over 50 countries.

    🌟 From Mindset to Innovation 

    From startups to Fortune 500, she finds elegance in chaos, asks the right questions and turn evidence-based insights into plans to support goals. Her secret to success is twofold: seeking to understand with a growth mindset and the ability to adapt and pivot based on early feedback.

    πŸ› οΈ Tech, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, Mining
    Projects and Results: Cost, Revenue, Purpose

    Designed and executed Sales, Marketing and Client Service strategies; built a high-performance Sales & Service regional team that increased market share by 40% in tech sector. Built a customer journey map for a major logistics company to predict customer lifetime value and value added by touchpoints.

    Created the first Canadian 3PL industry maturity matrix benchmark.

    Increased marketing-generated revenue by 200% by developing industry vertical playbooks for industry sectors including manufacturing, retail and natural resources.

    Led the strategic direction, leadership and oversight of all performance aspects of Client Support Centre for Pharmaceutical.

    Helped design the innovative program in collaboration with the Toronto Board of Trade and Global Affairs Canada and with the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade for the Rotman Institute for International Business.

    Andreea Ciologariu

    Professor and entrepreneur
    Speaker and innovator
    Expert in finding market-moving customer insights

    Explorer of innovative and sustainable business models to maximize long-term value and impact 

    Artem Borisov
    MBA, CPC, ACC, PMP  

    🌐 Head of Leadership Development, Operations, and Performance Inprovement

    A recognized expert with 20 years of executive, multi-industry consulting, executive and leadership coaching experience, Artem supports organizations and their leaders to elevate performance, gain flexibility, and create environments leading to performance improvement and greater success. 

    Artem helped his clients achieve 20 to 30% organization-wide cost reduction and performance improvement by streamlining processes, establishing an efficient communication structure, and developing leadership skills from C-level to front-line.

    He had the privilege to coach best-in-class clients from different industries, his coaching clients have received multiple promotions and company-wide awards.

    🌟 Certifications and Awards

    Artem holds an Executive MBA degree from the University of Toronto, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a Certified Professional Coach designation from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, and is an Professional Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation.

    His application of Stakeholder Centered Coaching Methodology received personal  recognition  from  Marshall Goldsmith, world’s #1 Leadership Development Coach. 

    πŸ› οΈConstruction, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Real Estate

    Served as an executive responsible for over 25 construction projects, performance and process improvement projects, facilitated process improvement and brainstorming, and led executive and leadership coaching programs.

    Supported clients in Oil & Gas (upstream, downstream, midstream), construction, transportation, and real estate industries.
    Artem’s clients have received multiple promotions and awards for taking their leadership and team building to the next level.

    Artem Borisov

    Change Influencer
    Leadership development coach
    Stakeholder centered growth guide
    People and systems performance expert

    Questions Answered

    What is your approach? How is it different?

    πŸ› οΈMethodology: Global Expertise for Tailored Growth

    Our approach is multifaceted, blending strategic business transformation with multiple iterations, embracing systemic change, global economics, and market trends. AI and lean business processes are our cornerstones, driving the creation of scalable, straightforward solutions.

    Our advisory services are tailored to navigate rapid change, offering a stark contrast to the one-size-fits-all methods of larger firms.
    Expect a partnership engagement, aligned with your unique goals and needs.

    What about getting results?

    πŸ” Your are in Control. Apply Feedback, Adjust, Get Results 

    Every passing day brings us results. It is our choice to reflect on them and accept, or push away and continue as before. 
    As long as you are open to feedback and ready to iterate, the better-than-expected results will be there. Lean on us to refect and assess feedback.

    If you or your team are not ready to put in the work, or to hold some deep conversations and adjust, this may not be for you. The choice is yours.

    What results we can expect?

    πŸ”₯ Custom Solutions for Unique Challenges

    Every business is unique, including where it is, its goals, and potential ways to close the gap. Aligning with your and your team's vision 🎯 and goals, we map a journey together/ We'll tackle existing challenges, leveraging your team's unique strengths. Blending coaching and mentoring so you can fast track to tangible results. 
    Step by step, we build a roadmap πŸ—ΊοΈ and move through milestones to make a real, impactful change.
    Results depend on the type of engagement you choose. They will be measured along the way

    What happens after engagement ends?

    🌊 Embrace the Next Level. Advance Your Vision

    You will continue the path from the next level, with a broader network, better understanding of your customers, being clear on your financials, key constraints and how to handle them in different scenarios.
    Your team will better understand each other and learn to work through a conflict to a reasonable solitons acceptable to all involved. Want something in addition? Put it in the terms of the engagement.

    How does it work?

    🀝 Collaborate to Innovate: Shape Change Together

    As a base, we work together to (1) assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business against the growth ladder, (2) go deep on business and people's vision and whether they are aligned, (3) together build a map showing where your business is and where it will be at the next level, covering key areas such as your business model, your ideal clients, what product or service is offered and why they buy, sales and marketing, delivery, operations, financials, and team. For advisory or hands on engagement types, we work with you to get there as outlined in a custom tailored agreement.

    Do you offer guarantees?

    🎯 Your Success is Inevitable: Closing the Gap

    We are committed you get a concrete, actionable plan to close the gap between where you are and where you want (and need) to go. Choose us, and we stand beside you every step of the way, working relentlessly until your goals are achieved. Our promise is not just in words; our compensation is tied to our performance. With us, you get more than a service; you receive a partnership grounded in results. 
    You can always start with a growth diagnostic and later choose to expand into a working together results-driven engagement.

    In the meantime, get a how-to-accelerate-growth guide to get ideas flowing

    * For those who strive for impact and want to explore options

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